Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Week 2 Update

The Morning Class

Has been enjoying gym time and I can say that I'm impressed with how much respect they show towards each other and how well they co-operate in the gym. This might be my favourite time of the day with them!

In science we started work on the human body. Their initial reaction to the unit was negative because they thought the human body was 'gross'. After watching this video on cells, they now think the unit is going to be pretty fascinating.

You can find the unit over view and all upcoming science posts by clicking on the science tab.

The Afternoon Class 

Has been doing some math review so I can check on their prior knowledge. We are starting the year off with number sense and numeration. You can find the unit over view, expectations, and links to games and extra help under the math tab.

In religion, we started to explore the grade 5 symbol of the 'rock'. The rock is a symbol of our togetherness and building of relationships. Like all relationships, they take time to develop and once established are solid, much like a rock. Students also suggested the connections between the 2 also show strength, differences and uniqueness.  

They were also quick to point out that there are always exceptions to the time line and used the new friendship of Emmett and Connor as an example. Connor is new to St Anne and Emmett immediately stepped up and became his friend. They've been inseparable ever since. What a great way to make someone feel welcome!

In language,  we've been brainstorming some ideas for our upcoming project. I'm sure you've heard about it by now because it's created quite the buzz. It's only taken 3 years but I've finally gotten my hands on a box of WWI artifacts that the War Museum loans out. We are partnering with Mme Garvey to create a grade 5 war museum where visitors can come learn from our students in a bilingual setting. 

With this project we are also slowly working our way to biographical writing. Today they learned how to use the research tool in Google Docs to add citations to their work. Soon they will be choosing someone to write a biography on. They are encouraged to chose someone they find interesting and want to learn more about. 

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