Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Welcome Back Lions

Happy First Day Back to School and Welcome to Grade 5 !!!

The bad news is - summer holidays are over and you're back to school.

The good news is - you're in the best grade, the best class at St Anne.

We will be venturing out on many fantastic journeys this year so be prepared to work hard, explore, learn, think, share, and have fun. We have plenty to cover in class and many exciting projects to begin.

But, first we need to get to know each other and lay down the template for team work, respect, and responsibility. The first week will be spent doing these things and establishing a routine. 

You will meet many new faces (students and staff) so please take the time to make everyone feel welcome and a part of our St Anne community. You will see some new things around the school like more portables and a fence. And you'll even get to try out for some new sports this year - tchoukball and touch football. 

You're asking about homework already ??!!??  Don't worry, you'll be getting lots and lots of it. Actually, that will depend on you. Homework in order to give homework is not what I do. But, whatever you don't get done in class will go home with you and you will be responsible for completing and returning it the next day. 

You are expected to share your day with your family when you get home and discuss the things you are learning. There will be things you can do for extra practice like reading, Mathletics, and Raz Kids that you will have accounts for.  As well as our class projects that you might need help at home with. 

When it comes to communication, the lines are wide open. Parents, please feel free to call me at school or send a note in the agenda. As you know, we are an eco school so don't expect newsletters and papers to be coming home. Everything you need to know is posted on the school website and you can follow both the school and our class on Twitter.  We don't use our agendas much in class so don't expect much to be written in them.  Please use this blog for information.

We also use technology fairly regularly in class to enhance and leverage our learning. This is great news for you at home as it also allows for you to see what your children are working on. Assignments, assessments, samples.. everything needed will be in the Hapara Workspaces.

In our morning class, we will be covering science, health, art, and gym. Mme Caminiti will be your french teacher.

In our afternoon class, we will be covering math, language, religion/family life.

Lots of handouts have been sent home today so please go through them all and return what needs to be filled out as soon as you can.

It's going to be an exciting year. I'm looking forward to getting it started and getting to know you!