Sunday, 16 October 2016


It's time to put the learning to the test.

Thursday morning will be a science quiz on cells and the digestive system.  Students are expected to know the purpose, function, basic info about cells and be able to label the nucleus, cytoplasm, mitochondria, cell membrane on a diagram.

Also should be able to name the major parts of the digestive system and what they do.

Review will be given out. Science duotangs should also be reviewed.

Sticking with science, the skin cell assignment has been marked. Some were not handed in and others will need to be redone.

The assignment on creating a Google Slide on an assigned cell needs to be completed too. For the students that put their work in the science folder, I have provided feedback for them to review and finish up. Those without comments is because I can't access the work if it's not in the correct folder. This is due at the end of the week. It's been over a month now working on it.

Math - there will be a math test Friday afternoon. Students will be expected to read and write numbers up to 100,000.  They will also need to expand numbers and know standard, written, and numerical form.  As well as, comparing and ordering numbers.

Please make sure all work is up to date. A review will be given out.

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