Sunday, 13 November 2016

Our Garden

The morning class has started their deep learning project by planting vegetable seeds to grow indoors.  They have planted basil, lettuce, and beans.  They will be monitoring the progress of their plants and sharing the learning experience with the school.

We are fortunate enough to have borrowed a Garden Tower from Sarah Morin to start their project. Unfortunately, we will have to give it back at some point. Ideally we would like to have our own so we can continue to grow.

If you know of a business/people that you would like to donate to helping us buy our own one, let me know.

Our ultimate plan is to grow and donate our produce to a food shelter and/or to have a farmer's market to sell our vegetables and donate the proceeds. Again, if there are any parents that have an idea or a connection that can help us, please get in touch.

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