Thursday, 8 December 2016

December Update

We had some special visitors in the morning class this week. As you may know, we have a student who joined us from Nunavut.  Students have been very fortunate to make a friend who comes from such a unique part of our country. This week, people from Tungasuvvingat Inuit came to visit and share the Inuit culture with us.

Students ate raw frozen caribou meat cut off the slab with an ulu. Touched caribou, fox, and seal fur. Tried on snow goggles made from antler and played a traditional bone game. They also got to listen to our visitors and classmate speak Inuktitut.

If you are on their website and go to the events page, you will find a calendar of events. Events are free and open to everyone. Starting in January they are teaching how to make parkas. You are able to keep what you make. An interesting opportunity for your student to learn and share in their friend's culture.

He will be leaving us before the break to attend a new school but could be back at St Anne again next year. He has exchanged phone numbers with many students in the class already and if you're interested in going over to Tungasuvvingat, then give him a call and see if he can meet you there.

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