Monday, 6 February 2017

Inappropriate Use of Tech

Hello Parents,

This is a message from Mme Caminiti and I about how some students are not using technology they way they are suppose to.  Chrome Books and iPads are to be used for learning purposes only as directed by teachers.

On Friday, Mme was not at school but was monitoring their online activity with the supply teacher. She was disappointed to see that they were on websites and playing games. A reminder that there is no 'free time' in gr 5.  Students have shown much improvement in this area since the start of the year but it is still an ongoing issue.

I monitored online use on Thursday and Friday and found many students who were suppose to be either blogging or writing their book summary and found them using Google Hangouts and playing Agario.

We have the ability to shut down sites and tabs. We can also take screen shots in order to share them with parents. Mme and I reminded students of this and would appreciate you reinforcing it at home.

Thank you

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