Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Green Gardeners

Our morning class is now ready to open their fresh produce business.  green gardeners logo.png

They have been farming since October growing lettuce and basil in our Garden Tower.  Many of you have tasted our organic produce already so you know how great it tastes.

This is a charitable business and the lettuce we have grown has been being donated to the Kanata Food Cupboard. We have already sent 2 growing cycles their way.

The entrepreneurial aspect is to sell the herbs we are growing. We are looking to recoup the costs of our seeds and the rest of the money will be donated to help a fellow St Anne student.

Right now we are selling our basil for $1.25.

Once it has grown, we will be selling cilantro, mint, chives, and lavender.

If you are interested in buying some, send in a $1.25 and your child will bring some home with them. Because it is fresh and the leaves are cut off the plant, it tends to wilt quickly so plan out your request to maximise freshness.

Thanks for supporting us!

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