Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Family Life

We have started unit 3 in family life. The focus on this unit is copied in below.  This exact letter went home Friday with the afternoon class. Students have been encouraged to share with you at home what we are talking about. It's also a great opportunity for you to chat with your children at home.

Grade 5 Fully Alive, Theme Three

Family Letter

Dear Family,

We are ready to begin Theme Three of Fully Alive, our family life program. Because the
partnership of home, church, and school is so important, this letter is written to let you know what we talk about in class, and to offer some ideas for your involvement. For more information, please go to www.occb.on.ca.

About Theme Three
Theme Three of Fully Alive is called “Created Sexual: Male and Female.” God made us male and female, and all of God’s creation is good. In earlier grades, this theme was presented through a continuing story, which emphasized God’s plan for new life as the result of the love of mothers and fathers. In later grades, the message is unchanged, but the approach is more direct. As students enter puberty, they need to know about the changes they will experience, and about the responsibilities of being created male and female and following God’s plan for them.

In Theme Three we will:

• explore the idea that we do not have bodies, we are bodies; God created us as body/spirit
• consider the major systems of the body, and learn that the reproductive system has unique
• learn about the adult female and male reproductive systems and about human fertility in adult
women and men.
• discuss the physical changes of puberty, as well as some of the emotional and social changes

Looking Ahead

New terms in Grade 5 that are related to the female reproductive system and have not appeared previously in the student book are vulva, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. New terms related to the male reproductive system are urethra, scrotum, testicles, and vas deferens. The only new term related to female fertility is menstruation, and new terms related to male fertility are semen, ejaculation, and erection. Other new terms introduced in Grade 5 are fertilization, and implantation. In Grade 6, the students review what they have learned about the changes of puberty, and study the development of a new human life from conception and implantation through the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Working together at school and at home

• At school, the students will be completing several sheets about the adult reproductive systems,
human fertility, and the changes of puberty, and will bring these sheets home. One section of
these sheets asks the students to list any questions they still have about these topics. Be sure to
ask your child about the questions he or she may have. Some children are not comfortable
asking questions in front of other students, and prefer to ask at home. You will find detailed
information about the topics in this theme in the Online Family Edition of Fully Alive
• Girls need to know about changes of puberty and be prepared well in advance of the beginning
of menstruation. Again, you will find helpful information in the Online Family Edition of Fully
Alive. You should also be aware that girls who develop early often experience teasing by peers.
It is difficult to be among the first people going through the changes of puberty, and equally
difficult to be among the last. Understanding parents cannot take away these difficulties, but
can help ease the situation by their tact and patience.
• At school, the students will be discussing modesty and the importance of respect for the gift of
sexuality by the way they speak, dress, and act. Unfortunately, they are also exposed to many
examples of disrespect for sexuality, especially in the media. When the opportunity comes up,
such as watching together television programs and commercials, it’s important to discuss this
issue with your child, and emphasize the need for respect for oneself as a girl or boy, and for

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