Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Our Who-Dunnit

An update on our mystery project ....   the p.m class is doing an incredible job taking on a learning task they've never experienced before. It's been a large inquiry adventure and yesterday it really started to click for them.

They have been writing a script to perform by collaborating on a Google Doc together. They have been drawing and colouring large movie posters. Learning how to use iMovie and green screen technology to make a movie using WeVideo.  A big thank you to Aloka's family for dropping off the large boxes.  Students have been painting and transforming them into a ticket booth and concession stand. 

Our theme is a 1960's era movie theatre. Students who are acting would like to dress or look like they come from this early-mid decade.

We are asking for your help in sending in empty full size candy wrappers or chocolate bar wrappers.  Wrappers only, not the candy.  If you have popcorn bags or containers that look like the one below, that would be a great help too for us to borrow.

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