Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Picture Day Update

Those new to junior this year should know that your child will take 2 class pictures. 1 with their homeroom A.M class and 1 with their afternoon class. They take their individual picture when they go with their homeroom.

Here is the schedule. There are no assigned times, we simply follow the list. Schedules are planned this way because students switch classes in the afternoon. Based on this list, A.M should be getting in before recess or just after. 

Picture Day 2017-2018

Thursday, October 19th CLASS
Quinn – SK Assessment
Zulpo / Basar Gr. 3 (Individual Pictures)
O’Neil Gr.3
LeBlanc AM
Cacciotti AM
Hotte AM
Hopkins AM
Caminiti AM
Garvey AM
Brett AM (Individual Pictures)
O’Halloran AM (Individual Pictures)
Pouliot AM
Walker Gr. 2
Dohonick Gr.3
Nihmey Gr.3
LeBlanc PM (Class Picture)
Devine PM (Class Picture)
Bontes PM (Class Picture)
Daley PM (Class Picture)
Hopkins PM (Class Picture)
Garvey PM (Class Picture)
Pouliot PM (Class Picture)

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