Sunday, 18 March 2018

Many Updates

All topic pages (except p.e) have been updated.  Please review in order to see the expectations for each.

Of particular importance, is the page for Family Life. Soon after The Break, we will be starting Theme 3 (Created Sexually) in the afternoon class.

Also of importance, a paper progress update in math will be going home with most p.m students this week. There will be a delay for some if the student did not leave behind their math book for me to mark.

We have spent a great deal of time on multiplication and division and we need to move on to the other topics in number sense. Unfortunately, many are struggling with these 2 concepts.

Grade 4 introduces additional digits to compute and this has proven difficult for most.

With multiplication, students are expected to be able to solve double digit x single digit algorithms by the end of grade 4. 

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The challenge is in remembering the steps to carry out the entire process. Many have a good Rote memorization technique based on repetition. They are able to copy out their times tables or complete a multiplication chart because they remember the sequence and the patterns. Unfortunately, many are unable to quickly recall the answers when questions are put in random order or are in a double digit x single digit formation.

If they are struggling with this, allow them to use their times table to not only figure out what the answer is,  but to also allow them to focus on the steps involved. It's very important they remember the steps to complete the questions correctly. 

In grade 5, the expectation changes to double digit x double digit and being able to successfully know the steps this year, will make next year a little easier. 

Division - students are expected to be able to divide 2 digits by 1 digit with and without remainders. Long division.

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beacuse should be because. I borrowed the diagram to use here.
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Because this involves multiple steps, along with problem solving, many are not able to solve these questions.  Please remind them of the acronym we use to remember the steps.  
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Students who are struggling, are encouraged to use their times table chart to complete the algorithm. What is important, is that they learn and remember the steps to solve the problem.  In time, they will lessen their reliance on the fact sheets. In grade 5, another digit gets added to the problem. 

Encourage them to develop other multiplication strategies to do division.  "What digit multiplied by another digit gets me close to the answer? " 

For example, 
save image   I know that 5 x 6 = 30, so 5 goes into 31 6 times with 1 remainder.  

Many are not remembering how important multiplication is to division and are not using their fact families. 
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Please work on multiplication and division at home with your child. Up next will be decimal numbers, tenths, and fractions and these can be difficult and anxiety provoking areas for many students. 

FYI - if you are able to successfully teach your child multiplication and division using a different approach, please do and encourage them to share the strategies with us in class.  Math problems often have many different approaches and ways to solve. As long as the answers are correct and the student can explain how they did it, then it is ok.  

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